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Trackless Train Locomotive and Power Unit

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Trackless Train front-shot

The solid heavy duty fiberglass locomotive bodies of the Trains4Fun Trackless Trains and Trams are lightweight and durable! They comes with all the bells and whistles, including: A four inch rubber mounted headlight in a lantern style box on the front of the locomotive, a large mounted brass bell, a four flute bellows-type whistle that can be heard for approximately two blocks.

Trains4Fun Trains were designed for day to day use as well as commercial use with virtually no maintenance. Sleep easy knowing you won’t have to hire a mechanic to maintain your locomotive. The power unit, under the fiberglass locomotive body, is a John Deere model X745, three cylinder, 24 horse liquid cooled, diesel. This also has a hydrostatic transmission and can travel up to speeds of 8 mph.

The Train Chassis

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Under the train body is a super strong welded steel chassis that will last a lifetime. The steel used in the making of the train chassis is two inch square tubing. Four wheels and tires used on our train chassis, are 480-8 inflatable rubber tire for a smooth soft ride. Wheels are mounted on 1 inch steel spindles with tapered bearings, grease seals, grease caps to insure many years of use. This is a larger steel spindled than Ford uses on the Ranger pickup truck. Each car has front end articulated steering for better tracking, (like on a car). And for a very attractive final touch a gold and black wheel cover. Each train car has a user weight rating for 2,850 lbs.


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